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Infrastructure Solutions and Services @initHost

We develop solutions by using various Opensource systems and components. This helps in manage the costs. We also manage and support existing Opensource systems deployed at our customers premise. As Opensource is developing in various technological area, we continue exploring new horizons and integrate new components into existing our solutions.

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Our Services

  • IT Architecture Designing :
    Various phases are involved in designing the architecture solutions. We follow cyclic method in which first phase is to do assessment followed by designing IT systems to meet requirements with optimal cost and then implementation and handover to operation. After a period, Operational Team provide inputs for enhancements and changes required, which again complete cycle of Assessment -> Designing -> Deployment / Implementation -> Handover to Operation. We understand that IT Systems are enablers for businesses and we develop solutions which are economical as well as provide best values. We widely use Opensource systems in our solutions.

  • Migrations and Upgrades :
    With introduction of new technology, Migration and consolidation of information systems are required. We assist in to perform various migrations including Storage to Storage, P2V, V2V, build Disaster Recovery and Backup solutions.

  • Automation :
    Decreasing human efforts by introducing systems which run and manage themselves are required in every organisation now. This is demand of time. We assess and develop automated systems by doing scripting, deploying opensource automated solutions and by changing IT processes.
    • Our Products and Solutions

  • Design and implement customised solutions. Follow best industry standards and practices. Design & Support Open Source solutions.